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27 February 2010 @ 09:47 pm
Been obsessed with Kuroshitsuji, Matsushita Yuya, Uehara Takuya etc. lately~ (:
Time to blog! 8D


so pretty. ♥

Okay so~
I forgot to post this a while ago, but my chinese new year money! 8D


I got about $500 this year~ (:
Which is surprising because i don't have too many relatives here.
But we had dinner with some of my mom's asian friends. 8D

Last week i went to my sister's school in Massachusetts.
Ahh, it was boring.
I wouldn't trade the city for anything, really.
The streets were so dead and empty!
And there were no asians. LOL.
It's weird being the only asian family to enter a restaurant with a whole bunch of happy white people.
But anyway, the good thing was that Massachusetts had a Walmart!
Oh yes. 8D
There isn't a Walmart in NYC. D:
Cause everything's uber cheap there. XD

Right so, my sister and i were browsing through the accessories and crap when we found these:

Kame's hat! Sort of. XD From Don't U Ever Stop? I think. :o
And a Zac Efron bag. Yeah, that was random.
Well anyway, that's my sister doing the super low wa boom boom (from KAT-TUN's D-Motion PV), wearing Kame's hat and holding a Zac Efron Bag.
We get bored. XD

Still browsing Walmart, we came across this: 

I LOL'd so hard because my sister was like,
And it's funny because we're both really flat chested. XDD

I bought pants. 8D
Well, i didn't, my dad did for me and my sister chose it but yeah. XD

We call them the Nakamaru pants because they remind me of Nakamaru. XD
He wears a lot of those square patterned pants right? :3

We had another snow day here in NYC yesterday!
Wow, two snow days in 2010 in NYC.
That's really rare. XDD
So my friend woke me up by calling me and she was like,
"Do we have school today?"
"...I have no idea."
And i was still kind of like akfhdakjh since i just woke up so i was about to hang up right then. XD
A few minutes later, she texted me saying that we didn't have school, and all of a sudden, i was wide awake.
Dammit. D:<
I went back to sleep anyway after checking facebook (which was filled with statuses like "HOORAY! NO SCHOOL!" and such.) and woke up at 11. XD

Okay yeah so, i recently finished watching Kuroshitsuji~ :D:D
Just yesterday, actually.
Omg the ending killed me.
Like really? They were gonna end it like that?!
Maybe that's why there's a second season.
Which i'm trying to wait for, patiently. *-*

SPOILER: Don't read the next paragraph if you haven't watched the last episode of Kuroshitsuji~

LOOL. Sorry, i'm a huge BL fan, but it really did look like that! D:
He was like literally caressing Ciel's face and taking off his eye patch might as well be like taking off his clothes!
Anyway, they had sex.
LMFAO. No, not really, but they should. *0*
Okay, i don't support pedo rape or anything (especially since Sebastian is like 500 years old and Ciel's 12-13 XD) but they are really cute together. D:<

Okay continuing on~
After watching the musical, omgosh, the man (?! LOL.) who plays Grell is so awesome. *0*
I mean Grell himself is fricken awesome too but Uehara Takuya really can play Grell well! XD
I wouldn't be surprised if he were a little homo himself. 8D

And apparently, he's the guy who has been said to look a lot like Jin. :o


Which, i have to say, he does look like Jin. :o
Comparing them~


but i absolutely cannot imagine Jin playing Grell's character!
Jin's just too, idk, not Grell. D:

SO CUTE. *0*
Jin cannot do this. LOOL.

Okay imma stop spamming Uehara Takuya noww~ XD


hotttt. ♥

Ahh, btw i subbed the backstage of the musical, if anyone's interested. XD

Okay, sorry for lagging your computers with these pictures. XD

Hehe, this is my wall btw:


Okay, i lied. XD
But this wall would be so cool if it were mine. D:
It's actually the wall in a manga store near where i live. XDD
hehe, i see Kami no Shizuku. :o

Last thing:

Sebastian has his. >:D face on. LOL.
His btch face, in yasashiismile 's terms. XD
LOL at Aberlin and Ran Mao's boobs. XDD
Okay then, Ciao~ :3

Current Mood: happy. :D
Current Music: Yuya Matsushita (Sebastian) & Uehara Takuya (Grell) - Red or Black?
sakuratikahsakuratikah on March 2nd, 2010 02:50 am (UTC)
At certain angles, that matsushita guy looks like a younger form of gackt :/
And that guy really looks like jin.. Has jin seen him yet? XD
And what's with your sudden outburst for cosplay? XD
awesomelyplain: Jin Listenawesomelyplain on March 3rd, 2010 09:54 pm (UTC)
really?! :o i think it's the lips. XD
Gackt scares me sometimes though. LOL.

it'd be cool if Jin did meet him. 8D
then he could go back to LA and get drunk and stuff while takuya takes over~ XD

and lol! i have no clue. XD
they're all just actors from the musical though. :3
i wanna try cosplaying one day. :o