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10 June 2010 @ 01:50 pm
Wow, so yeah, i haven't blogged in a while.
That's normal of me though.
Jammin' to KAT-TUN's RIGHT NOW right now. Haha.
Sounds a lot like IN MY HEADDD by Jason Derulo but i like it. :D
Alright, moving on~


So lately, i've been into KAT-TUN since my sister came home from college for the summer.
She got a job here too, in Manhattan, so congrats!
I'm currently rewatching Yukan Club and the Cartoon KAT-TUN II YOU concert with her.
Yeah, KAT-TUN every night babyy. :D
With someone to watch them with~
I usually watch things alone. D:
But anyway, yeah, i'm super glad i dragged her into the JE fandom.
More like the KAT-TUN fandom since she doesn't seem to like Hey!Say!JUMP (she thinks they're still juniors) or Arashi (She thinks they're too old.)
She's neutral about NEWS though. 

Moving on~
I saw the NMP CM and it's hoooottt. :o
Well, it's interesting.
I didn't really get the Cat Warrior ninja things though. XD
I guess we'll see.
So yeah, about Kame.

Right, so why does only one eye have eyeshadow?
Everyone's going crazy that he finally put on more eye makeup after the LIPS PV.
But why only one eye? XD
He look amazing regardless of the eye makeup though.
Kame is always gorgeous. *_*

I can't wait for the whole PV to come out.
Even though i still don't understand the cat warrior ninjas. LOL.
I'm also really excited for the album!

Ah right, so i've been wanting to watch the Going! PV Making for a while now, but no one subbed it!
After like a month. T__T;
I heard NEWShFAN subbed parts of it, but i can't dl it since it's friends locked.
My sister and I wanted to sub it through watching the chinese subs the other night.
We made our parents translate, but that didn't turn out too great. XD
I hate my bad chinese skills. D:
I want to watch them play that dog game. T__T;

Oh yeah! I'm also taking Japanese next year. :D
It's only going to be for one year since i'm a senior and i graduate, but it's still something.
So yeah, that got me super hyped up.
I'm dropping AP English Literature because i have a feeling i'm definitely not going to be able to handle it.
Especially with the strict teacher they assigned for that class.
I'm still thinking about whether or not to take it though, since it looks good on my transcript (only if i get good grades DX).
But i took AP English Composition & Writing this year so I'll just be that English nerd.
Which is alright, because i actually do like English (compared to Math at least, agh, i'm so unasian) but i haven't taken any other AP classes.
Alright, enough blabber about school, final exams are almost done anyways.

I feel like Nakamaru and Koki are getting pimped real hard because Jin is gone.
Well, not gone, but in LA and not with the group.
Everyone seems to miss him.
But there are those other KT-TUN fans who wish he'd just stay in LA and leave the group.
Which is mean. D: But a lot of fans love KAT-TUN as a six member group. :D

Speaking of Jin, i recently listened to My MP3 on the jinakanishi.us and i actually do like it a lot.
I hope he releases an album, since KAT-TUN is releasing one without him. D:
Just like Bokura no Machi de.

Matsushita Yuya received our birthday card/book thing the other day!
I was so excited, i literally went all out on my friend on AIM the other day.
And when i say all out, i mean i bashed the keyboard a few several times. LOL.
U_staff posted a bunch of pictures on their twitter but i couldn't find my page. T_T;
I'm sure it was in the book though.
My card looked like this:

Yeah, it looks kind of funky on the computer. XD
I didn't have a scanner either, so i had to take it with my phone camera. =.=;
Then i edited it some. LOL.

Here's Matsuyu with our card!

creepy face, but he looks happy. :D

He's been getting more famous lately!
I heard he might debut in Korea too...?
Usually, i would be against him going to Korea, but if it's for debuting, then heck, why not.
Their artists always come to Japan. =.=;
I just hope he doesn't get raped by the crazy fangirls like Yamapi did.
But really, that was sad.
When i saw that video like a year and a half ago, i was upset.
Anyways, best of luck to Matsushita Yuya~

I love it.
He didn't have many new songs on the album (only about 2, actually) but the new ones were amazing.
And the old ones never get old.
I really did love all of them~
Especially how they gave First snow and Sono Toki Made no Sayonara on it.
My friend and I were hunting it down so badly in the morning of June 3rd when it came out June 2nd (but there's a time difference in Japan XD).
So i bought false eyelashes yesterday just to try them out.
(I've been watching too many makeup tutorials on youtube lately.)
They look like this:

They're really nice, actually.

I have decent lashes myself, but they fold straight down so you can't see them at all. D:
I probably won't use these though. XD
June 16th of this year will be lovely! :D
NMP and the new Takumi-kun series movie will be coming outt. Yes. :D
I really can't wait for both of them. XD
I don't even have school that dayyy. yuuss.
But i have regents the day before. T__T;

Oh i don't have school today either~
Which is more or less the reason i'm blogging. XD
It's Brooklyn Queens day, so we get off. :D 
It's also my mom's birthday, i'm currently making a card for her, but i hope we go out to eat tonight or something to celebrate her birthday. (:
She's 47. LOL. Thirty years older than me. :x

Google's really awesome now. :o
I just went on today, to search for some picture and the google page is just woah!
I changed the picture to Yuya. :D
Oh! Lastly, i got a tumblr not too long ago.
It's my fandom tumblr. :D
I also  have a personal one but i don't love it as much as this one. LOL
I fail in real life, i guess. XD

Recently, my sister and I made a discovery.

It must be popular among Johnny's. XD
haha, but really, my sister created a Jin icon with that picture and told me he was sniffing his hand.
We came across the picture of Yamapi and just began laughing hysterically.
Good times. :D

Alright, i'll be off now.
I still have to study for a few finals and also finish my mom's birthday card.

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