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05 October 2010 @ 08:44 pm
Wow, i haven't posted in ages.  
And i feel like i should since i'm not exactly absent from LJ all the time.
I'm usually just lurking the comms nowadays. :o
I decided to blog a little today though. (:

I'm obsessed with Jin's new hair and the amazing pictures they sold at his farewell concert in Tokyo.
And of course, i made one my header and icon, like it? :D

So I'm uber excited for Jin's tour in America. Especially since that last concert is going to be in New York!
And you know what they say about the last concert? :D That they're supposed to be the best?
Or something like that.
To be honest, i've never really heard that saying, but they always seem to film the last concerts for DVDs. :D 
So i'm assuming it should be the best. XD

Anyway, they're selling tickets on Friday at 1 PM and i have school then. T___T;
School ruining everything. D:<
I was going to ask my sister to get them, but i don't think she's going in the end.
She's not such a big Jin fan, mostly KAT-TUN as a whole, but that's kind of destroyed now, so i don't even know if she likes KAT-TUN anymore. :o
She was being all sdfhalsfkjsa over the internet a few hours ago.
I ended up blocking her because she was cursing for no reason. :x
She probably didn't mean it, but it's hurtful through the internet since we can't see expressions and all.
I'll unblock her eventually, i just don't want to deal with all the brutal language at the moment.
And i'm hella hungry!

Anyway, along with Jin's tour (which is around 2 months away now. XD), I'm also uber excited for NYAF (New York Anime Festival) which is this weekend. :D
My friend's cosplaying and i wanted to do it also, but I've realized that costumes are really expensive and making it takes a lot of time.
(I'm a lazy, poor person. DX)
So i just put together something in between cosplay and goth/punk? Man, i don't even know.
Anyway, it looks like this:

(click for bigger image)

Yeah, something like that.
I think i'm wearing three belts and one suspender thing.
I really like the ribbons though. (:
I don't think I'll tie any in my hair, cause i touch it too often. XD
So yeah, i'm overly excited about the convention, i've been waiting since last year to go. XD
Gonna buy lots of cheap yaoi there. :D
Oh and i also have a Domo-kun sweater that I'm going to wear over it so i won't look too weird in school.
I'm probably just going to bring the clothes in a separate bag. :o

It's two sizes too big because it was the last one on the rack and i really wanted it. *__*
Got it from Kinokuniya too. ♥

So I've been going on tumblr a lot lately.
I blog more there than i do here (obviously).
Mostly just pictures of pretty Japanese boys though. :D


pimping it here.

I have a private one for myself, but to be honest i don't use it half as much as i use this one.
Lob mai japanese boys. ♥

It's so cute, like it's messy but it's not too long.
And gah, i love it. ♥
I don't know how many times i can say that, but i'm super glad he cut it.
I mean, his long hair wasn't too too bad, but it was pretty bad.
Like, it'd be everywhere during photoshoots.
And it didn't suit him.
Though it did match is lazy/bored attitude and such.
A fangirled for a good hour when i saw it.
People kept talking to me and i'd get so sidetracked by his pictures. :3

My favorite shot, of course.
He just looks so gorgeous and happy. ♥
Ugh, i really can't wait to see him in November!

I don't even know what he's saying in the song, but i love it already.
The beat and everything, it's really soft and r&b like, and i love that. :D
I can't wait for his album coming out next year.
If he releases it in America, i'd buy it in a snap.

I drew Akame on the binder i'm using this year.
It's red and really plain so i decided to add my own design to it. (:

(click to view larger image.)

It's still rather plain, but i like it. (:
My friends keep asking me what it means, but i don't really bother telling them. XD

Oh yeah! I'm taking Japanese this year too. (;
I've learned everything the teacher taught so far. :D
My teacher's name is Werner-sensei, which upset me a little because i was so excited last year to call her some Japanese last name.
She got married to a white man, apparently. :o
I think she graduated from NYU too.
She's just awesome overall though.
But she's still kind of a fob and is used to Japanese traditions.
I heard they used pencils to take tests?
Well here, since we're all such cheaters, we have to use pens.
And she didn't realize that.
I feel bad because some kids take advantage of the poor woman.
But she's surviving since the majority of the classes she teaches love Japanese things. (:
Alright, so that's about it.
I'll come back more often to post, hopefully.
Btw, i hadn't realized i ended all my posts with Jin's legendary line, "Ciao~"
I honestly did that without the intention of copying Jin. XD
It's cute though, so imma keep doing it. :D

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kazujun_yay: kamekawaiikazujun_yay on October 7th, 2010 06:22 pm (UTC)
LOL~ what's with you and your sis? :o (says someone who's having a hard time with her sis *sigh*) Hope u'll get the ticket and be able to enjoy Jin's smexy tour! ^^ Last day? Make sure your face is in the DVD! Haha XD

Why i can't see the Domo-kun sweater? :o Anyway, i love the color of the ribbon! ^^ You're cute as always~ :) I love Goth actually ^^

All i see is Jin, your header, your icon, and your post! XDDDD and I love the drawing! ^_^

Ohhh, i wanna take Japanese class too :o learning by myself is harder than i imagined >.< coz i'm lazy~ :P
But, Werner-sensei... haha, handsome husband?

Maybe coz it's in your blood :) Ciao~ ^^ *waves happily*
awesomelyplainawesomelyplain on October 7th, 2010 10:07 pm (UTC)
Aw, you're having problems with your sister too? D: I don't even know, but she's coming back home tomorrow so i guess i should be happy. Oh and thanks! :D I'll probably come home pretty late, but i'm looking forward to buying those tickets. XD Haha! If it has a DVD, i'll be sure to get on camera. XD

Thank you Ajai! ♥ Your comments always make me feel warm inside. XD Oh and i fixed the Domo sweater picture. I think twitpic links expire. :o Really? You like goth things? I never knew. XD

Aww, lol. Just watch lots of dramas and variety shoes! I've learned a lot from those. XD Haha, i don't know what her husband looks like, actually. But i suppose he should be very handsome. XD

Haha, love the word Ciao~ ♥
kazujun_yay: kamechukazujun_yay on October 12th, 2010 01:29 am (UTC)
Sorry for late reply, just return from atending my lil bro's convocation ceremony :) He is now software engineer and programmer ^^ Proud of him!

Yeah, but right now, we have started to talk again...weird, coz none of us apologized...haha Hope things are better as well on your side. Good luck for ticket and DVD! XD

Thank u too~ talking to you, make me feel happy ♥ I love the sweater XD Me want!!! Expensive? :o Haha, the goth clothes are so damn cute that i always feel like buying one! Looking at how in some of manga i read, the mangaka made the casts cosplay for goth in it. Detective Conan for example, Ran and his best friend Sonoko cosplayed for Goth, so cute! I never read any manga with fully Goth concept tho~ :P

Haha, i did that, and i can uderstand better now. But, i want to be able to read and write too ^^ Good luck for you japanese class. Maybe someday u'll see her husband pick her up. XD

Ciao~ ♥
awesomelyplainawesomelyplain on October 14th, 2010 12:06 am (UTC)
Haha, no worries. (: And wow, big congrats to your brother! :D Sounds like an awesome job! I'm awful with computers and such. XD

Oh, that's good! Same for us too. She came home the other day and we just chatted like normal. (: Yeah, thanks~ I bought tickets a few days ago. (: I got decent seats, somewhere around the middle because the good ones were standing seats. :o

Thank you! ♥ Yeah, it was round 45 USD. Pretty expensive, but really worth it because it's cute and warm. *___* Oh really? You should get those goth clothes then! :D Usually, i think of really depressed people when i see goth things, but it is rather cute. :D Ohh Detective Conan~ I never read it, but i heard it's good. XD Awesome that they cosplayed goth things though. :D Kuroshitsuji and Godchild seem to have a sort of goth mood. (:

Oh, i see. :D That probably requires studying. XD But yeah! Hopefully, i will. I do want to meet him. XD I saw her crying today, actually. I think a student was being really harsh to her or something. She's really new and she's still getting used to things so her students always take advantage of her. I feel bad. ):

Ciao~ :D Sorry i wrote so much. XD
kazujun_yaykazujun_yay on October 16th, 2010 04:48 pm (UTC)
Thanks on his behalf ^^ He's really good in comp's stuffs...i always ask him if i have any problem. But, he's busy with works and projects recently... :P

Glad for you too! ^^ You have to stand for good seats? :o Anyway, hope u'll hv fun on that day :)

That's pretty expensive~ but i'm sure i'd buy one if i saw it right now...haha XD Yeah, goth = despair for me when i 1st learnt about it. I remember the goth girls in Danny Phantom (i used to love this kid series haha), she's cute! Detective Conan is good! Ah~ i know Kuroshitsuji, but never heard of Godchild. :) Don't read much though...

Indeed. I will try to focus on japanese studies after final exams since finals are approaching, need to study. Feel sorry of your teacher. I don't like when students make fun of their teacher. :(

Ciao~ ^^ I don't mind. I wrote much too :P
awesomelyplainawesomelyplain on October 25th, 2010 09:42 pm (UTC)
Sorry for the late reply! x_x;

Ohh, at least you have an expert at computers by your side. :D

Yeahh~ The standing seats are the closest to the stage. Apparently, Jin wanted it to seem like a club, so he made them standing seats. I heard they also get really close to Jin though. :D And thanks, i think i will. :D

Hahah yeahh~ Omgosh, Danny Phantom. XD That was so long ago, i barely remember it. But yeah, the goth girl was cute! :D I know Detective Conan is really old. :o Is that anime still running? Kuroshitsuji is amazing. *__* And i've never really read much of Godchild either, but it seems like a rather depressing manga. XD

Oh, sounds cool. :D Hope you do well on your finals! I don't have them until January. XD But good luck! :D And yeah, students are so harsh nowadays. =__=;

Haha, ciao~ (:
kazujun_yay: kamesayyaykazujun_yay on October 25th, 2010 10:07 pm (UTC)
It's okay ♥

Yup! I've learnt so much about computers from him! XD

I see, that's so .... Jin-ish? haha XD

Yeah, so long ago and if it's on TV right now, i'd love to watch it again ^^ ikr~ really old, and i've seen/watched its anime/manga since i'm about 14 y.o and 10 years have passed XD (and i still love it ♥) I think he (the author) doesn't have any intention to let it reach the end yet. Both anime and manga are still running and Movie 14 just out in DVD while for the manga, i've read until volume 72 (over 750 chapters) ^^ Haha, i think so far, i never read a depressing manga :P Maybe i should try that.

Thank you~ :D Enjoy your days but study well before January comes ^^ I know, over here too...i feel bad for those who have to deal with the harsh students :|

Ciao~ (wow, i started to love this ciao)
awesomelyplainawesomelyplain on October 26th, 2010 02:43 am (UTC)
Yay computer nerds. 8D

And yeah, it is. XD He's always partying all the time, even though he says he isn't. That bakanishi.

Wow really?! That's a really long anime. XD I'd love to watch it, but it'd take me forever to, lol. And wow, that's crazy. The author must be super dedicated! It's no wonder how the anime and manga are both continuing! :o I hope you get to read the end of it though, if it does end. XD Haha yeah, i think it's not like depressing, but there's a sort of sad, mysterious mood to it. It's about mystery too though. (:

Haha, thanks, i'll try to. (: Lately, i've been stressed out with colleges and such though, i'm about to apply for them soon. :o Yeah, that's why being a teacher is such a tough job. ):

Ciao~ (Yepyep, i've always loved it. :D)
kazujun_yay: kamechukazujun_yay on November 3rd, 2010 12:47 pm (UTC)
Hey, sorry for late reply, Wendy.

Lol~ yay for computer nerds :3

That's bakanishi for us. XD

Haha, For anime, they have parts for Original story, and also for manga-based...if you're only to start now, i wonder how long would you take to finish them :o Yup, he even went travelling to each place he wants to draw first. :) He went to London, NY, and L.A. before. ^^ That just shows how dedicated he is. Oh, i love mystery ^^

How's college for you? Hey, Jin's tour has started right? Or i'm wrong? Anyway~ enjoy your times and take care!

Ciao~ ♥