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22 November 2010 @ 11:07 pm
I just want to relive it again and again.


I think this is less of a fanreport and more of a diary/journal entry. XD I just wrote it so I could look back on it on another or something. XDD

We picked up our tickets the day before, going to this shady apartment place, but everyone in there was really nice. XD

Okay, so the whole show started around 7 PM.
My friend and I got on the queue line at around 4:30 PM.
The line took up nearly three streets (big city Manhattan streets, mind you.)
We were in the middle of the second filled street.
So everyone was waiting outside, in the freezing 40 F degree weather.
But everyone was so excited that it didn't even matter. :D

Doors opened at around 6 PM and of course, we didn't get in until 6:30.
We quickly bought goods, got on before the line got long. 8D
There were two goods lines though, so there was less crowding (thank god!)
I bought poster A and photoset A with the lovely picture in my header above. (OMG YUS.)


This is the one in Kinokuniya though.
I haven't put mine up yet. XD

The fangirl buying goods in front of us had a Kame picture in her wallet.
It was too cute. X3
Afterward, we took our seats and the stage was absolutely goooorrgeeeouusss.
My legs starting shaking and my friend kept telling me about how surreal and amazing it was.
And she was so right, it was absolutely amazing, even though the show didn't even start.

The crappy picture i took with my phone since i was too lazy to fumble for my camera (which is a pretty crappy camera anyway. :/)

Two MC hosts came out and they were getting the crowd all rowdied up and excited (though we already were anyway!)
I think one of them was JohnJohn and I'm not sure about the other guy.
Our seats were pretty far back btw, we only got the $75 ones, which were a total rip off cause my sister bought the $50 ones and she was right behind us.
Literally, right behind us.
We were so jipped, it really did get my hopes down for a little bit.

So the MC's brought out Joey Tee and he did his dance routine (which was awesome btw, i can't believe that guy is 16 years old and younger than me. T__T; He's extremely tall.)
We all cheered and he did his little curtsy which was totally cute.
Dominic then came out and did a few songs himself.
Which were pretty good, props to him for performing so well. (:
I got a picture with him too, but it's on my friend's camera. XD

While they were showing a video, Jin's drum set and guitar were brought out for Christmas Morning (and omg, i got so excited, people were like wtf.)
The fans next to me weren't really fans, and the girl in front of me brought her dad (who sat down the whole time and didn't seem interested at all) so people around me weren't so great. D: But i had fun myself. XD
Anyway, after a bunch of warming up, videos and shouting (WE WANNA ROCK, RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOW!) Jin finally came out.
And omgosh, he was absolutely gorgeous, even though i was far away from the stage.
He had such a vibrant glow, and i could tell right away that it was him (even with a bunch of dancers on stage).
He was wearing the big white jacket with the black v-neck under. He also had sunglasses on and baggy jeans (which he should totally switch to fitting jeans (haha, i typed jins) because he is just not black and tight jeans look hot on him.)


He did his usual concert opening routine "Yellow Gold Tour 3010, Weather: Sunny, Alcohol: Ready. TIME TO PARTAYYYY!)
And we all screamed, of course.
He played the drums and sang Christmas Morning with all the robots and dancers on stage.
We were all like, *__*.

Here's the set list, since I barely remember what happened in every song.

1. Christmas Morning
2. Bass Go Boom
3. Wonder
4. I.N.P.
5. A Page
6. Oo Wah
7. Body Talk
8. The Fifth Season
9. Lovejuice
10. Paparats
11. Hey Girl!
12. Dance Segment
13. Yellow Gold
14. My Mp3
15. Tipsy Love


Anyway, the PV was playing in the background of Wonder, like always.
And omg, i wish that PV was released, both Crystal Kay and Jin looked absolutely amazing in it.
I felt bad because i was watching the PV more than i was watching Jin himself. XD

I really loved the hand movements in I.N.P. I'm not sure why, but they were so fun to do at the time. 
The clapping and the hand shuffling (?) during the "oh eh oh eh oh~ " part, if you know what i mean. XD

During some parts of A Page, Jin started running out of breath, but he quickly caught it again and went back to singing. (:

We did the Oo Wah Number One trick, and of course, i knew the number would be one but i did it anyway. 8D

Body Talk was really slow and such a beautiful song, definitely one of my favorites.
The lighting was awesome too.
I absolutely loved how they put the song titles before each song.
It helped a lot to those who didn't know the songs. XD

Lovejuice was pretty much exactly like the one in the Queen of Pirates DVD but with a smaller stage and different dancers.
Still hella sexy though, of course. I recognize the jacket he had on, the one with all the badges in front and was considered really "American" XD


Paparats had awesome lighting, everything turned red and smoke surrounded the stage.
It was really epic. *__*
Jin took off all his coats and accessories and just wore a black v-neck for this one which was really hot. :Q___


Shunpei (Jin's Pikachu friend?) came out during Hey Girl!, I think. XD
And he was all over Jin, they were fooling around and such.
It looked like a lot of fun. ;_;
Near the end, Shunpei touched Jin's collar bones and he immediately crouched down. XD
It was too cute.

The dance segment consisted of Jin dancing with his dancers (haha, what else?)
It was rather long, Jin did his portion from Rescue too. XD 
Some part during this segment, one of the dancers took of Jin's fedora and put another one on his head.
He danced a little with it on, and then he threw it into the crowd!
Oh god, i was literally like adhgslkhgsjd at that point.
A bunch of girls were reaching for it. XD


At one point, the dancers were multiplying from a red cloth Jin was wearing and I think it was supposed to be a trick?
But he kept fumbling and looking down behind the sheet, so i don't know. XD
It was interesting though. 8D
He also did that mask thing, which was awesome.


When Yellow Gold came on, we all started screaming, and the stage was covered in yellow lights.
It was extremely bright and so beautiful.

When singing, "If I say do you love me, would you say ye-oh?" Jin laughed in the beginning since his dancers were being silly. XD
The song was really energetic and i think he extended the "HEYY HEYY!~" part in the end where the audience was singing along.
He was like "Three more times!" XD

When introducing the dancers at the end, they sang their names to the "HEYY HEYY~" part, it was really cute. XD
All the dancers and Jin stayed on the stage for a while even after the introductions. The song was kept on replay, and i don't think anyone wanted them to leave the stage anyway. :D
When they finally did, the crowd was still there, everyone started cheering for an Encore shortly after.
We were all shouting "Encore!" at first and then "Jin!" At some point, the fans started cheering (I'm not sure for what, because I sat pretty far away and i didn't know what was happening up front, but we cheered too. 8D) I heard one of the dancers had a box of candy? :o

Shunpei also took out a camera during Paparats and shooting pictures of the crowd. :D
I think another dancer came back out and started filming the people standing in front after Tipsy Love.
There were a lot of official cameras too, they shot in front of us though.

The two non fangirls next to me left, and the girl holding a drink next to my friend left also.
The girl who brought her dad left with him.
So we were basically in this really empty row with only another person at the end.
My sister's row behind me was empty as well.

We could barely hear what he was mumbling in his jingrish.
He said that he would be singing Eternal and explained that he was going to release it in Japan.
He was afraid we wouldn't enjoy it because it was all in Japanese, but heck, you know we'd all love if he sang in Japanese more often!
Everyone whipped out their cameras for this, and the security didn't even bother stopping anyone anymore.
A lot of girls moved to the front, but i stayed in the back since it started getting crowded up there.
I text-tweeted the concert and my phone started ringing off the hook when i tweeted saying that Jin was going to sing Eternal. XD
It literally vibrated every two seconds, I ended up with around 80 messages at the end.

But anyway, when he sang, it was so beautiful. ;__;
His voice was so clear and so smooth, oh gawd, he was serenading the whole arena with its beauty. ♥
And oh gosh, at one point, he flipped his hair back.
It was so hot.
I screamed so much.

My friend was recording it next to me. We didn't get close to Jin at all, but the sound quality is pretty good.
(Aside from the screaming, our apologies for that. ^ ^;)

Overall, the concert was absolutely amazing and I was extremely upset that i had to go to school the next day.
(I was literally dead in class. x_x;)
But oh god, i wouldn't mind reliving that concert over and over again.
It was just so awesome and epic.

Btw, none of these pictures are mine, except for the Poster A picture, the few pictures of the stage, and the picture before the cut. XD
I found most of them on tumblr. :o

That's all for today,
Ciao~ :3
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ultrapanda13ultrapanda13 on December 9th, 2010 09:16 pm (UTC)
Hey, I was at that concert too, but i guess i was a few rows in front of you. There were some things that I thought you might want to add to this, like the fuji tv camera crew was yelled at by the theater staff, apparently they werent supposed to be taking pictures during the encore lol

and also
for the people shouting encore, it was really only the back, the people up front weren't yelling all that much, I shouted at one point "people if you want an encore then SCREAM"
so my friend screamed and then people in the front started screaming ( i felt proud).


in tipsy love the reason Jin laughed in the beginning was due to the fans fail at the call and repeat... i guess they didnt know they were supposed to? lol
and also its not heyy in tipsy love its aaayy or ehh something like that. lol

the concert was amazing, and i'm pretty sure we were the only concert to get an encore though im not 100% sure of that. (also the only concert he sang in Japanese at. this im 100% positive about.)

also since you were in the back you might not have seen, but Jin was handed a PSP and played it for like 30 seconds near the beginning of the concert lol :D