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07 July 2012 @ 03:04 pm
Hi there guysss. :D  
It's summer and I'm awfully bored so I decided to make an entry seeing as I haven't done so in 4 months? XD

Jin's birthday passed a few days ago and we had that twitter project which was actually pretty fun. It was nice to see some of the fans artwork, what they put together for Jin. :D Hopefully, he actually got to view them on twitter. ;___; Here's mine below:


I've recently been into a weird Topcoat obsession now that Jin's on hiatus. T__T; so baby come back to me T___T; But they're so amazing and pretty. *__* Actually, I've only been obsessed with two of them but that counts too, haha. XD

SOOO here's number one:

The one and only Matsuzaka Tori whom I've first seen in Asuko March! Which is actually a really good drama, one of my favorites that don't include any JE boys. XD

And the next:

Suda (126)

The lovely Suda Masaki whom I've first seen in that Taisetsu na koto skdjs subete really long title drama with Miura Haruma and Toda Erika in it, which was a really frustrating drama to watch but it had an amazing cast. XD I really got to like Suda through Runway ~ Aisuru Kimi no Tame ni which I watched because of Ueda. XD That drama had me in tears after each episode cause I'm sensitive and cry too much T____T;
Anyway, I used to think he was the weirdest looking boy and the person who subtitled the Taisetsu seemed to be such a big fan of him, i really couldn't see what was so special. BUT NOW I UNDERSTAND IT ALL. He is the cutest, dorkiest guy ever and fuckyes, i finally like someone the same age as me HAHA. XD *not pedo* WHOOP. i want to have his babies.

So I'm even watching Kamen Rider W for Suda, PHILIP-KUNNN ♥♥♥ No, he is so adorable you do not understand askfjalsf. But really, I never even watched Power Rangers as a kid and I'm like what am i doing while watching it but that's okay cause Philip is fucking pretty.

And I got an ameba blog and i don't know what the hell i'm doing when i'm on it. XD I hadn't realized it would be so confusing. @__@; And they make up random words that I can't google like Peta and apparently amenbaa ni naru means to follow someone or something and yeah. *reads through shitloads of tutorials*

BUT I DYED MY HAIR PINKKK! :D Just the ends, it was blonde before and after that, blue-ish green (which was actually blue but faded to green and everyone just called it green. T___T;) Anyway, pitchaaa~

And my blue hair looked like this:

It's a little lighter with the instagram effect though. XD

But yeah, that's about it. :D Will be off enjoying the rest of the summer now~ :D
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