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10 February 2014 @ 04:14 pm
So it's been a year and a half since I've written an entry here, it seems I only come back to write concert fanreports XDD BUT ANYWAYYYY
I SAW ONE OK ROCK LIVE LAST NIGHT AND IT WAS AMAZZINNNGG! To be honest, I can barely remember anything because the theater was just so packed and the crowd was kinda crazy but I recorded the whole concert with my ipod so I'll see if I can get something out of that. SOOOO onto the crazy~

To start off, this fanreport is probably gonna be just a personal write-up just so I can look back on it and remember all the good stuff so I'm sorry if it's not much of an informative report. :x

But anyway, I got to the venue around 4 (late, I know) cause I was waiting on my friend to come so we could head there together. The line was around 2 blocks long and it wrapped all the way to the lion king theater and junior's (actually where we waited for Jin's Yellow Gold con XD) where we waited for around 2 1/2 hours.

(a very bad pic of the line XD)


I got to meet Jen (excellentweaklings from tumblr) at the very front of the line who was really friendly and we chatted for a few minutes. Also got to sign the fanbanner as well (as i've been stalking the fb group) and got some balloons to blow up for the fanproject. :D Everyone was really sweet and friendly so I was really glad I wasn't too timid to ask about it. When I got to the back of the line where I abandoned my friend, there were two Japanese fans who were confused about the merchandise and where to get the shirt from the sidestep app. They didn't speak English very well and were struggling about how to ask so I told them it was okay to speak in Japanese. They then asked about the balloons and I brought one of the girls to the front and she was freezing the whole time. XD I mean it was cold but I'm kinda used to NY weather seeing how I've spent my whole life here, I felt kinda bad for people who traveled from places that are warm all year round o:

(the banner, I signed around the bottom of the K in 'OK' in gold sharpie tho you can't see XD)

(the fancy balloon bag and balloon :D Such dedicated fangirls aahh ♥)



Also the front of the Best Buy Theater had a pretty cool animation going on for OOR so I filmed it a bit (sorry for bad quality orz I will get a better phone ;__;)

But anyway, my friend's friend's friend we met at a party a while back came later and he got tickets for free on craig's list apparently, though he barely knew much about OOR. But yeah I just called him the shady dude 'cause he's mad shady but at least he entertained us for the while that we were there.

It started snowing at 6 but they let us in at around 6:30 and they checked our bags (patted down the boys hahahaha) and we were finally in! We skipped the goods section cause we figured we could just get 'em after the show because we wanted at least a decent spot in the crowd. In the end, we were standing around 7/8 rows back from the stage and there was like a crowd of dudes standing in front of us.

People were saying there were a lot of asian girls but yoooooo there were shitloads of guys too and they all hella tall! Well either they were hella tall or really short LOL. But I'm ok with asian girls cause I am an asian girl so they're all around the same height as me and they don't block the view but guys are so taaaalll. I guess I'm not used to it cause Jin's cons were always 90% girls and the VAMPS con was at least 80% girls too but yeah this con was at least 50% guys.

(the line while going in and when it started snowwinggg)

IMG_20140209_181114 IMG_20140209_174459

But anyway, they had us stand there for a good while so I decided to move up a bit and I ended up in the middle of a bunch of dudes who were actually really nice cause I totally cut them off but the one's in front of me were scolding their friend from blocking my view even though I was saying it was okay, they were really sweet. There was also a really tiny talkative girl next to use who was being squished by and asian dude in front of her and asked if she could move over cause she could feel his butt on her stomach or something LOL idk everything was just super comical. XD

I thought the show was gonna start exactly at 7 but they were testing the lights for a good 30 minutes and people were starting to get fed up LOL. Everyone started cheering for the stage crew at first because we were just excited to see OOR (it went from the stage crew to the mic guy to the water dude) and then they started blinding us with flashing lights so people were like aaauughh LOL. Also, they would start cheering or screaming every once in a while even though nothing was going on? XD Though I heard Perfume made it to the show and they were somewhere on the balcony so maybe that's why they were screaming? XD

So the show finally started at 7:30 when the background music stopped and Introduction ~where idiot should go~ started playing and everyone was SCREAMINNGGG. I couldn't see much but I think Tomoya came out first with his drumsticks and then Ryota/Toru and finally Taka.
The setlist went like thisss:

Introduction ~where idiot should go~
Ending Story??
Deeper Deeper
Nothing Helps
Let's take it someday
Jibun ROCK
Clock Strikes
Be the light
Instrumental intermission
Answer is Near
Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer
The beginning

Wherever you are

I was pretty far on the right side so I saw Toru for most of the show but he and Ryota would often alternate and walk around the stage which was pretty sweet. The only one I didn't get to see much of was Tomoya cause he's on the drums and in the middle of the stage obviously but Taka did get really close to us while singing in his passionate style. XD

(some really bad pics i took due to much movement and shitty camera orz)

IMG_20140209_203151 IMG_20140209_202759

When Ending Story?? started PEOPLE PUSHED. Everyone was all over the place. XD The back would push up to the front and the front people would push right back and everyone in between was following the waves LOL. I luckily got to move up 2 rows because of the pushing though so it was good for me. I heard my friend kind of dying in the back going like OMG every two seconds hahaha. And I heard so many people asking "ARE YOU OKAY?" Like it was violent but somehow people still managed to be polite XD

Everyone was hyped up for everryy song and in the middle of Deeper Deeper, people from the left side pushed so hard, the whole right side fell down (i felt so bad cause i think i fell on somebody but i was trying so hard to get back up so i didn't get to apologize XD) and that's when people really started to get like oh shit and I saw a few girls trying to get out. The performance was amazing though. *__* I think the problem with Best Buy Theater though, is that they make the bass BLAST like crazy (it's happened for Jin's cons) so all the other sounds are drowned out. I heard Ryota loud and clear. XD

I can't remember much but one of my favs was c.h.a.o.s.m.y.t.h. because it wasn't too crazy and everyone started calming down. We were all still really sweaty and all but Taka sounded absolutely amazing. I still don't get how he does it, that man has talent!
After that song, Taka asked for our help for the jumping part for Let's take it someday and I was like OH SHIT THE JUMPING SKFLSJ and my friend was practically dying like nooo don't make us do this hahaha. Yeah, she wasn't much of a fan but I was excited and sweaty. :DD Everyone around was kinda hesitant about it too and I heard lots of "omg" and "ow" LOL But eventually Taka was like, hey c'mon get down everyone and we did lol. His English was really flawless and cute (sorry i'm such a taka fangirl).
Taka kept saying "YOU GUYS ARE FUCKING CRAZY" throughout the concert cause the crowd was fucking craaaaay, I'm sure he even thought so. XD We were over the top, really.

Can I just say I loved the crowd interaction during Jibun ROCK in the second verse it goes, "Kaze wo hiite mo mochiron tomaru koto nante" and the crowd shouts "NE WA!" that part is just so hilarious and fun for me. XD

During Clock Strikes, we sang along with Taka for the bridge part "Believe that time, it's always forever..." which was really awesome too, Clock Strikes was always one of my favs ♥♥ and his high note was amazing ugh, i die every time ;__; The high note in Be the Light was particularly amazing too ♥

After Be the light, there was a girl near us who shouted "YOU GUYS ARE BEAUTIFUL" and then "ALL FOUR OF YOU" ... "And the sound guys" LOL

During the introductions, Ryota said he was looking forward to this day and that us + one ok rock AND YOU GET FUCKING AWESOMMMEE :DDD Tomoya asked us WHATS MY NAAAAMMEEE? a few times and of course we responded TOMOYAAAAAA!! and then he asked us DO YOU LOVE MUSICCC??!!! and we responded YEAHHHHHH! ofc and he was like ME TOOO! And he did his little drum solo which I heard didn't happen in LA? SO IT WAS PRETTY AWESOME :D Toru asked us if we were having fun and then said we were FUCKING AWESOME LOL :D He told us to make some noise and then said that we were FUCKING PERFECT too HAHAHA. Taka said the same thing he said in LA, how's my English, do you understand me? And that he doesn't really speak english, he just memorizes lines. LOL which is the cutest thing omg

He asked us for our help to sing the OOOOH~ part in Answer is Near as well and after that song he shouted, "ARE YOU GUYS STILL WITH ME?!!" ofc bb we always will be. Also, around this point the staff passed around water bottles to keep us hydrated and alive which was pretty sweet. People would take gulps and then pass it around to the next person, I thought that was so awesome. o: The staff would also squirt water on us and it really helped to cool down cause it was hotttt as hell. I also remember Toru spraying water on us since I was on the right side and we were all like KSJFLJA:FASLF.

I'm not sure when but during the end of the song, Taka ended it while spitting water above him and it was so surreal like, I only see those things in DVD footages LOL it was pretty sweet.

(some more bad pics)

sdfgsdfas IMG_20140213_232833

Before the "last song":
"You know, you guys are fucking awesome, thank you for coming tonight. We love you, we love you so much!"
"Alright, the next song is our last song for tonight. But, we will be back! This is our, the beginning!"

AAAAHHH SKFJLS made me so skdjglkasfj, i'm already looking forward to their next visit.

After that song, we started cheering for an encore (like RIGHT after they stepped backstage LOL) We went from "encore" to "mou ikkai" to "one o'clock" in Japanese pronunciation to "encore" also in the Japanese pronunciation for some reason to "one more song" to "two more songs" to "ten more songs" haha yeah we just wanted them to come back out. We were also blowing up our balloons and there were people asking WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?! and the sort but the venue eventually filled up with lots of balloons!
At that time, someone was asking for the time at it was 8:55 which meant we were partying for a good hour and a half. XD we were all just cheering there for another 10-15 minutes shouting "ONE OK ROCK" finally and stamping our feet until they came out. XD Taka started his amazing wherever you are chorus with, i think Toru playing the acoustic guitar from in the background (though i couldn't see very well).

So I recorded some of wherever you are but the sound is REALLY AWFUL. I apologize orz ;__; I shall get a better phone, i will! And also, my arm got tired in the middle of it cause I was also holding the balloon haha awkward. XD

So we waved our balloons to wherever you are and eventually the drums and bass came in and Taka asked us to sing along with him (even though we already were lol) but jeebus he sounded so lovely *___*

(the balloons! And toru turning away lol)

IMG_20140209_210939 IMG_20140209_210347

Afterward he shouted,
"I have just one question, WHAT TIME IS IT?!"
"I have always wanted to do that, thank you so much."
SKJSLFJ it was really cute aaaaaah

After that, he asked if we wanted more and ofc we did so he introduced NO SCARED.
At this point, I was pretty close to the stage, around 3-4th row which is awesome how far up i moved. But there were these crazy row of Japanese guys who were head-banging like mad. XD I saw a girl in front try to get out of the way because they were nearly hitting people around them lol. Another girl and I exchanged looks like "wao are they ok" LOL. Eventually another white dude and hispanic guy came to join them and i had to back up a bit but of course I was still screaming and shouting cause HELL YEAHH ITS A ONE OK ROCK CON. Also, I think at some point Taka was so close to the crowd, they got to touch and carry him? I was on the right side so of course i couldn't touch him but I saw him coming super close to the audience and hearing lots of shouts XDD So lucky, the people who got up close!

After NO SCARED, the members walked around the stage waving goodbye to the fans and I saw Toru throw some guitar picks and someone throwing a shirt or towel? BUT AAAHH STUFF THEY TOUCHED KSFLKFAJ I think they bowed and exited the stage afterward and I remember Daughtry's "Home" came on and I was really happy cause that's the only song i knew of all the background music they were playing earlier. XDD

(the concert backdrop)


But anyway, we headed out to buy merch but it seemed like we were still in the audience cause it was just as crowded orz but i eventually got to the the stands and headed for the sidestep booth cause there was no line :DDb The sidestep OOR shirt was really gorg ahh *___* and the staff were really nice, the one serving me asked me if i enjoyed the concert and i was like HELL YEAH IT WAS AMAZING AND THE CROWD WAS CRAZY BUT AMAZING. And I was still all sweaty and gross LOL.
I also went to buy the red tank cause they sold out of the beanies and posters which were really nice. *__* the tank was a medium but my friend was like ITS HUGE but i like my shirts big so :Db

(the shirts)


So yeah that was my ONE OK ROCK experience in new yorkkkk! I had loooaads of fun but I think I might have been overthinking a lot like trying to get closer to the stage and whether or not i was getting enough oxygen cause it was so hot and crowded LOL but i think next time I'll spend half the concert on the sidelines/in the back and then attempt to squeeze in and get close up so I get a little of both sides and don't become so stressed. BUT IT WAS SO FUNNNNN! OOR were magnificent and I'm so so sooo looking forward to when they come back ♥ 1000000% will attend the next con!

Also I'm really shocked but also super glad that the security was so loose. Literally everyone had their phones our recording or taking pics and they didn't really care which was nice. In the last two Jin cons i went to (at the same venue), they would either tap you on the shoulder or blind you with their flashlight if you were taking pics (even in the sitting area) so it was nice that they weren't so strict. And it was cool that they handed out water bottles and poured water on us too so we wouldn't die even though the security dude who was doing it for our side did it with the straightest face LOL.

Andd this is really random and irrelevent but i saw this in the snow while heading back home that night and laughed for a bit LOL


BUT YESS that's it, will be looking forward for their next con in NYYYY!!
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